Boss Capital – the place to invest!


Day traders from around the world log in daily to make investments with pay-out rates as high as 720%, on long term investments. Created in 2013 and based in the financial sector on the island of Cyprus, Boss Capital has become one of the world’s biggest binary options brokers.

There are more than one hundred thousand investors who conduct their trading using Boss Capital’s trading platform. Investors come from Europe, North and South America, as well as Africa and Asia. It’s a global company; with account managers who speak multiple languages (see information below). Boss Capital operates under the laws and regulations of where their company is headquartered. Traders must oblige to the international trading restrictions according to which country their account is registered from.


Being one of the biggest trading brokers, Boss Capital is able to offer more than 200 assets on their trading site. Underlying assets can be put into four categories:

  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Currency Pairs

Traders have a choice from a multiple different aspects that make up the financial markets. By having such a broad spectrum, binary option investors are able to trade in nearly all sectors of the market. The majority of binary option trades are standard trades which consist of stocks and currency pairs.


The platform that Boss Capital provides is top notch. It was just updated within the past three months, and all of the final kinks have been completely worked out. The platform is fast and accurate, which is absolutely crucial for any day trader.

The platform is really easy to use, as the redesign was meant to give traders a better user experience. The platform is available via mobile devices, Android and IOS systems. The platform is 100%, meaning that there is no software needed to download, as long as you have internet access you’ll be able to log in and make trades.
The platform consists of multiple trading features such as Binary Options trading, pair trading, long term options, 60 second trades, One-Touch trading which is meant for weekend trades, and ladder options


When investors initially invest their money, via credit/debit card or wire transfer, depending on how much is invested will determine which of the following accounts they’ll be registered as:

  • Micro
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

*The minimal amount that an account may be opened for is $250
Each account upgrade comes with additional benefits that traders can use such personal consulting sessions, as well as invitations to live trading webinars and demonstrations.


There are a few options that investors are able to use when they want to add funds to their trading portfolio. To first open an account an initial deposit will need to be made. The money that you enter into your account is your money to trade. You may withdrawal your money at any time that you like.
When making your first time deposit, make sure to ask about what Sign-Up Bonuses are being offered. Boss Capital tends to offer 100% as their Sign-Up Bonus, for traders using their site for the first time.
All deposits may be made over the internet. There will be a verification process to follow to prevent any fraudulent activity.

Educational Tools

Boss Capital contains a limited education section, which is more of a general knowledge section of how trades are done. There isn’t much in the academy that helps you as a trader such as trading strategies and topics. There is general information about binary options and clear explanations of the trading features. The FAQ is short and to the point, which is helpful because important pieces of information are easy to find.
The best feature of their website is the Market Review, which is live stream of Bloomberg financial news.

Customer Service

The support staff at Boss Capital is very respectful and knowledgeable. They were able to access my account right away and help with any technical questions that I tested them with. They were a pleasure to speak with and very friendly.

Account Managers

The main reason that Boss Capital has grown into the mega trading institute that it has is because of the account managers, and what they’re able to do for their traders.

Account Managers come from all over the world, and are professionally trained to trade binary options, although many of them come with experience as Forex brokers, or hedge fund managers.

Binary options are built so that investors can day trade on their own without having to place order with their brokers. That makes binary options very appealing because as a day trader I can log on and make trades as I please. Account managers are there for guidance for those than want to speak with professionals and need assistance in managing their trading portfolio.